Demand more out of your pregnancy workout than just a long cardio routine, stretching & some token dumbbell exercises.
Discover the secret behind having a fit, healthy, energized, comfortable pregnancy.

Pregnant fitness guru challenges you to get more out of your pregnancy.

Finally you can learn from my mistakes by avoiding the typical “safe pregnancy” exercises that were zapping my energy and making me less comfortable.

Discover the Pregnancy Fitness Program that has helped many pregnant women including RMT and personal trainers, successfully gain the recommended 20–35 pounds in relative comfort.

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Feeling fatigued, uncomfortable, bloated and emotional?

Do you want more out of your pregnancy?

Avoid pregnancy related muscle pain.

Overcome and reduce energy lows and yawning your way through your 3rd trimester.

Are you sick of seeing pregnant women bouncing around in traditional aerobics classes?

Are you a busy pregnant professional or pregnant mother that has no time to get to a gym?

Tired of the “know all” personal trainer guy trying to explain how an exercise should feel to a pregnant client?

Did you know typical fitness pregnancy programs may increase low back pain?

Are you sick of seeing magazine pregnancy models perform outdated lateral raises with pink dumb bells?

Do you want the best Energizing, Posture Supporting, Functional strength pregnancy exercises?

Feel Fit, Comfortable and Energized on your journey towards delivery while working and caring for your family.

Don’t want another typical gym routine, aerobics class or just going through the motions. A program like this is boring, uninspiring and can steal precious time and energy. You need a specific, energizing pregnancy program that can be completed in 10–15 minutes time anywhere.

Your strength program should support your posture so you are not wasting any more energy lugging around your bump and overcoming tightness and weakness that is compounded by traditional “safe” exercise routines.

Spend less time in a gym and more time with your family. Working out for 10–15 minutes a few times a week is all you need to discover a fit and energizing pregnancy. You can do these workouts anywhere.

Avoid pregnancy related muscle cramps and discomfort. Issues such as pregnancy related piriformis syndrome, calf and hip cramps, sciatica and Ileotibial band issues can be debilitating and contribute to sleeplessness.

Maintain and gain strength and endurance for delivery and post partum recovery.

Combat pregnancy related back and neck pain by performing joint stabilizing exercises you can help prevent these discomforts and be walking tall like the Proud Pregnant Women you are.

Avoid emotional mood swings and feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

Take control of your body-don’t fall victim to extremely poor posture, unhealthy weight gain, cravings and restlessness.

Can I perform this program if I am new to exercise?
Yes, there are recommendations and modifications for the beginner/intermediate and advanced pregnant exerciser.

Can I do this Pregnancy fitness Program if I suffer Back/Neck or Shoulder Pain?
Yes, it should help alleviate this

Can I perform this program if I suffer from sciatica, piriformis syndrome or pubic symphysis pain?
Yes, there are modifications for the exercises that may be involved with these issues and suggestions of when to discontinue the exercise.

Is this safe for a diabetic to perform?
Yes, and it should help you manage this

Can I perform pregnancy exercise if I’m over 40?

Can I use this program if I have had a previous C-Section delivery?
Yes, all exercises are safe 

Can I use this program if I suffer from Rectis Diastasis?
Yes, all exercises are safe for this pregnancy related issue

Is this program recommended if I am Overweight and Pregnant?
Yes, it is encouraged as long as you do not suffer pregnancy related pre-eclampsia

Is this program safe if I suffer from a hernia?
Yes, and it will help support your pregnancy related hernia

Can I perform this program if I have a pre-existing herniated disc issue?

Is this program safe if I suffer pregnancy related muscle cramps?
Yes, and can help prevent them

This program is safe for any pregnant exerciser that has their health care practitioners approval and does not suffer from any absolute contraindications to exercise.

“I will definitely say that Jacqueline's workout programme is short and effective, especially for the tired and still working expectant mother.
It is easy to do and can even be further broken up throughout the day when you have a few minutes to spare. Targets the muscle groups that weaken through the pregnancy and are even great to do when not preggers anymore!

-Wendy, registered massage therapist. Mother of 3-month old boy. Toronto, Canada

“These workouts helped me feel strong and stay relatively flexible. I have no doubt that I'll bounce back to my pre-pregnancy fitness level a lot faster thanks to Jacqueline's guidance and expertise."

-Melissa, age 39. Mother of 5-month old boy. Toronto, Canada
With my daughters, Kasia (3) and Ava (6 months)
Who am I and Why You Should Listen to Me

I know there are hundreds of “safe” pregnancy exercise programs out there. Many celebrity trainers, ex-athletes and cheerleaders are on the pregnancy fitness bandwagon. Well I can honestly say I am none of these and I am not on any bandwagon. I have been working diligently on perfecting my pregnancy fitness system over the past 4 years. I continue to take pre/post natal certifications and work as a busy personal trainer in one of Toronto’s leading athletic rehabilitative establishments, along side top physiotherapists, chiropractors, registered massage therapists and naturopaths.

During my first pregnancy I read and followed all of the current Pregnancy Fitness Guidelines. I did the typical long slow cardio and single joint light weight training exercises, I taught spinning and even did a few core exercises. I felt pretty good, until my delivery. I delivered a 9 lb baby that got stuck for 3.5 hours during the suggested 20 minute delivery phase. The hospital was busy and they could not fit me in for alternative methods so myself and the nurse forced the baby out. I was left with a torn adductor and torn psoas muscle, no functio in in my right leg, drop foot and many stitches. I quickly got help to return function to my leg, but suffered extreme weakness. I didn’t care though, at the time I was a proud mother. It was all worth it. I was diligent with my post rehab exercises to regain my strength over the next year. I started thinking about my exercise program as it came time for baby number two. Is there something better I could be doing? I didn’t want to just go through the motions of exercise, I actually wanted something functional out of it. Pregnancy happened quickly and I was tired, feeling bloated, hormonal and suffering pregnancy-related muscle cramps very early. This was not how I envisioned my second pregnancy, but these are true accounts. I was progressively feeling more guilty about creating a human life and not doing the best I could to take care of myself. Our lives change the moment we realize we are pregnant, as we are totally responsible and accountable for another life. It was time to rise out of the first trimester pregnancy slump with no more excuses and take control of the most wonderful experience of my life. I made the decision to embrace my pregnancy by taking care of myself through exercise and diet.

Here I am happily exercising days before delivery
Learning Curve

I was questioning more about health and fitness and did a complete overhaul of my Pregnancy Fitness program. It was time to address some of my delivery issues from my first pregnancy through fitness. I felt strong and proud while I was pregnant and I was able to endure a full time personal training business, raise a toddler and live through a major house renovation while my husband travelled for work every other week.

You have probably looked at the ACOG or Canadian pregnancy guidelines and the recommended standard safe exercises. Pregnancy exercise should focus on function and posture, not just going through the motions. Lots of exercises like too much walking and stationary bike riding can limit you range of motion in your hip flexors, tighten already shortened calf muscles and can contribute to back pain. Doing lateral and front dumbbell raises can tighten already short pectorial muscles (due to breast enlargement and upper back bowing) and strengthen deltoid muscles causing relative weakness of your upper back and rotator cuff muscles. These issues are associated with neck, shoulder and back pain. None of this is your fault because you have read the guidelines and all of these exercises are safe for pregnancy and recommended in most magazine articles. The thing is they are outdated, inefficient and counterproductive to support your changing body. There are better exercises for pregnancy that fall within the safety parameters and they are all in the Baby Bump Pregnancy Fitnes System.

Feel Proud, Strong and Tall

Feel Energized

Have a comfortable pregnancy

Elevate your mood

Have more time with your family while maintaining a fitness routine

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"This is a great text and I would recommend it to obstetricians, expectant mothers, personal trainers and group fitness instructors."

This is an excellent text that will help any expectant maintain strength, flexibility and stability during her pregnancy. Jacqueline has done a great job with the layout with this book. The instructions and guidelines are easy to follow and the photos make it clear how to safely perform each exercise. This is a great text and I would recommend it to obstetricians, expectant mothers, personal trainers and group fitness instructors. Great job Jacqueline!

-Michael K. Jones, PhD, PT, AAHFRP

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