Moms – do you want to do something for yourself?
Are you fed up with taking care of everyone else but yourself?

Do not let this get out of control – regain your body, mind and self!
Reveal the secret method to losing body fat, regaining stability in your joints and in your life.
Accomplish something today. Mom, you are WORTH it!

Welcome to Baby Bump Fitness
Dear Mom,
Do you finally want to take care of yourself, not just others?
Are you ready to stop skipping meals, using diet aids and fulfil your true potential. Well put down that laundry basket and pick up a dumb bell, let me show you how.

Hi, my name is Jacqueline Gradish. I am the busy mother of
2 young princesses I mean daughters (age 1 and 3). In my spare time I run a full time personal training business, run an exclusive weekend boot camp program, and am the owner of Baby Bump Fitness. With over 10 years experience I specialize in all post rehabilitative exercise and fat loss. I have my BSc (HK honours), and am a certified personal trainer, medical exercise specialist and certified pre/post natal fitness specialist.

Above: With my daughters, Kasia (3) and Ava (6 months)
Why did I design the Baby Bump Busy Mom fitness program?
I, like you, was searching for a fitness program to fit into my busy mom lifestyle. Desperate for a fitness program that worked for me as a mom, a fitness solution that was not restrictive to a place or time or needed expensive equipment, but yielded maximum results to get my body back – fast.

Before having my children I had time for long workouts, runs in the park and social workouts in commercial facilities. I was around a gym all the time working as a busy trainer in downtown Toronto.

NO MORE, as a mother of 2 young children and working full time, every spare moment is valuable. Desperate to get my pre pregnancy body back so I could feel confident again and have the strength to care for my children I took drastic measures in refining my workout program and the Baby Bump Busy Mom Fitness Program was born.

The Baby Bump Busy Mom program was built to focus initially on post-rehabilitative postural exercises, then regaining strength to care for my children and naturally progressed to fat loss.

Each workout took about a tenth of the time of my old workout using all supersets, intervals and circuits. My body was definitely craving this type of exercise that just so happened to suit my lifestyle. No more long cardio, no more weight machines and no other people. Just me, my kids and 20 minutes.

What I have since learned is that my body’s desire for shorter workouts have eliminated my overuse injuries, and I am not “overtraining” making me more tired and fat. I am performing “functional” exercises for real life mom duties like carrying a kid in each arm with a laundry bag strapped to my back.

“An invigorating workout in a very short period of time…I am definitely more toned.”

I have been following Jacqueline's program for about 6 weeks now and am enjoying it. As a life long fitness buff, one of the most difficult parts of becoming a mom for me has been carving out a space in the day for exercise. I don't have much time and can't be far from my 14 month old, so I'm looking for a fitness regime that is stimulating, challenging and can be done in my basement. Jacqueline's program fits the bill!

The program is well written and nicely laid out with supporting photos to check your form. It is easy to follow and requires very little equipment. The exercises are challenging, just doing the warm up makes you sweat, and you can increase the intensity of the workout by adding weights where suitable. It is clear that Jacqueline has put a lot of thought into grouping exercises that will use as many muscle groups as possible in a small set. The result is an invigorating workout in a very short period of time.

I am definitely feeling more toned around the middle and can see better tone in my arms and legs. My upper body strength has increased noticeably, which is great for scooping up the baby. I would recommend this program to moms of any age, with kids of any age!

-Erica, age 37. Mother of 14-month old boy. Toronto, Canada
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My Pregnancy Body and My Post Pregnancy Body
Family life months after giving birth
Learn from an Insider

After giving birth I was fat. That is to be expected, as a mom nourishing her baby and tired from the numerous changes mentally and physically. Being tired and feeling like I would never sleep again I started to rely on coffee and chocolate to get me through the day, it was my source of energy. Wow, how unhealthy. I quickly fell into this brutal pattern and was not feeling good about it not exercising and eating junk. One day post partum I looked at myself and thought—I am fat and I don't feel good about myself. Needing to prevent any further spiral I decided I am worth more than this I need to make a change, now. Knowing I couldn’t just jump into heavy exercise without working on my posture and muscle imbalances created from pregnancy I started to make my 10 Early Post Partum Exercises a regular occurrence and was adding in more body weight exercises. I progressed from here until I achieved the body I was comfortable with.

My old life, life before children allowed me to waste time without knowing it. Motherhood has taught me to streamline my life. Now I race from session to session and go straight from work to pick up my children. Like all moms I organize the household- groceries, cooking, cleaning, and appointments for everyone in the family. I initially designed this program to recover, regain strength and lose my baby fat, but now rely on it for my mental well being. My me time, a time to relieve stress, focus on mom self-moms needs, tune out the screaming and focus my thoughts on what matters—like loving my children, not scolding them over spilled milk, appreciate everything I have. Yes you can accomplish lifetimes in just 20 minutes. Give me that chance to show you what 20 minutes 4 times a week can bring to your life. 

Set backs are inevitable as a new mom undertaking or reintegrating fitness into your busy life. I have solved the most common setbacks moms face.

No Time. Baby Bump Busy Mom Fitness contains short workouts no more than 20 minutes, 3–4 times per week.

Tied to the house. You can complete all these programs form home with minimal space and equipment.

Where do I start? I have designed a 4 week prep program that moms can start as soon as they feel up to it after delivery. This is a progressive program with 30 seconds mini mom programs working up to 20 minutes of regular exercise.

I have joint pain and overuse injuries. Your program comes with a bonus guide for Mom to “Trouble Shoot Aches and Pains of Motherhood” Stabilize your joints and avoid setbacks.

I am sleep deprived. Me too, but workouts are short and based on intensity. So if 10 squats are intense for you one day because you are sleep deprived so be it, maybe 20 squats is your maximum intensity for the day. The thing is your body cannot differentiate what it is doing, just as long as you are doing your best, this is how you lose fat.

I just cannot do it today. Everyone has days like this, but many mothers suffer from hormonal mood swings and post partum depression that paralyzes their efforts for self improvement. Starting with 30 second to 1 minute mini exercise routines that are outlined in the first 6 weeks of the Baby Bump Busy Mom Fitness program can allow you to feel an immediate sense of accomplishment without being overwhelmed by spending 20 minutes on yourself.

It is fail safe. I have used the best research in the health and fitness industry to design a program that yields maximum results in the shortest amount of time. If you have a bad night with your children, no problem you can still complete this short program and will feel better after doing so. Variety prevents overuse injuries and boarded so set backs are not a factor in this program. Exercise selection was carefully researched and designed for mom’s recovery, muscle retraining after pregnancy and fat loss needs.

Social support is available so you can connect with other like minded moms through fitness.

“Jacq's workouts are perfect for me…you come out feeling great and energized.”

I have been doing Jacqueline’s workout for about 2 months now. I started when I returned to work after my second maternity leave. Within only a few days of getting back to work and not getting in my daily walks I was starting to feel less energetic and not myself.

I have always needed to have some sort of physical activity, without this I just do not feel good about myself (physically and mentally). Jacq’s workouts are perfect for me. They are fast, take up little room, need little equipment and you come out feeling great and energized.

Like most busy moms I have little free time. My workouts are mostly done after dinner. Instead of feeling rushed and working out because I feel I should it has turned into family fun. My 4 year old tries to do some of the stretches and my 1 year old likes to climb on my back my while I am doing my front planks. The girls also enjoy playing with the stability ball and the resistance band. I can get my exercises in and interact with the kids at the same time. This is important to me as we only get a few hours a day together by the time everybody gets home from work and daycare. I will admit it gets little unpleasant when I’m doing my pushups or front plank and the cat puts his bum in my face, but he’s a family member and likes to get involved too.

The layout of the workout is great. The pictures and descriptions are excellent guides so I know I am not doing anything wrong. If I’m short on time I know I can just do one of the warm-up routines a few times and I’m still getting in some good exercise. Any questions or queries I have are answered by Jacqueline promptly.

I would recommend this fitness program to anybody (not just busy moms). It has been designed by a fitness expert who is obviously passionate about getting people in shape, keeping them in shape and doing it the correct way with out injury. Definitely worth the price.

Also, if your partner isn’t interested in the workout let him/her cook the dinner with the great recipes Jacqueline has to offer!!
-Michelle, age 37. Mother of 2 girls, 4 yrs and 1yr. Toronto, Canada

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“I've lost 15 lbs so far thanks to the Baby Bump Fitness Program!”

I am a teacher in Toronto and a busy mom of 2 (a 3 year old girl and a 14 month old boy). I found the busy mom workouts very time efficient and easy to do either when the kids were napping or especially after they were in bed for the night. The first week the workouts took a little longer than 20 minutes just because I had to refer back to the notes and pictures to make sure I was getting it right. I found the pictures very helpful and I found Jacqueline very helpful if I was unsure about how I was doing something, or how an exercise was supposed to feel. I already had all of the equipment that was neccesary at home. Even if you didn't, they are all inexpensive to buy especially if you compare it to my best friend's gym membership!

By the second week, 20 minutes was the perfect amount of time needed. In fact, I already felt stronger by the second week. The exercises are perfect....they target every major muscle group and I felt so good every time I finished. Even on days when I was lacking sleep I knew that if I just got up and completed a workout I knew I'd feel energized afterwords.

By the 4th week I had people asking me if I had lost weight. In fact, I had lost 5lbs, but even better, my clothes were looser and I was just feeling stronger, which as a mom is neccessary. Another great thing about these workouts is that I can still easily continue now that I am heading back to work and time will be even more of a premium.

-Denise. Mother of 3 year old girl and 14-month old boy. Toronto, Canada

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